Oosterdam deck plan pdf

oosterdam deck plan pdf

Standard depth is 5. There are also a couple unique codes. Clickable map of ship deck plans. During April 2016 drydock 18 balcony cabins and 9 inside cabins were added to pa3109u-1fdd driver Observation Deck. Built 2003 Years old 14 Passengers 2024- 2429 Cabins 1012 Space Ratio 34 Tons 82305 Oosterdam deck plan pdf 24. The Oosterdam is registered in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Deck 11 - Oosterdam deck plan pdf ms Oosterdam deck plans are property of. Category HH and H is fully obstructed. Some VH, VH, VE verandahs have solid steel railings. Category G is partially obstructed. Cabin size for 6164,6166,6175,6177 is 311 sq feet plam balcony.

Oosterdam deck plan pdf

Oosterdam deck plan pdf - the Sepia

Officially christened in 2003 by Her Dutch Royal Highness, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, the ms Oosterdam is oosterdam deck plan pdf second in our series of Vista-class ships. More Size Info: Indented balconies on deck 5 where the deck is narrow are 4.

Oosterdam deck plan pdf - may want

It comes with hash browns and breakfast meats. Perks: Amenities plann subject to change without notice. Cabin size for 8140,8147 is 300 sq feet plus balcony.

oosterdam deck plan pdf

Cabin size for 7142,7151 is 315 sq feet plus balcony. Interior cabins start with the pan I to N with I being the more desired location. Children have the oosterdam deck plan pdf to participate in filming workshops. A space ratio less than 33 means that you may find the ship crowded in areas. There are 28 special needs cabins on this ship.

oosterdam deck plan pdf

The oosterdam deck plan pdf last major refurbishment was in Apr 2016. Category HH and H is fully obstructed. Category G is partially obstructed. Cabin size for 6084,6086,6088,6093,6095,6097 is 393 sq feet plus balcony. Holland America uses letters to denote the type of cabins.

oosterdam deck plan pdf

Verandah cabins start with the letter V followed by the letter A to H with A being the more desired location. A separate link provides an extensive information on cabins and suitesincluding photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category. This may be followed by another letter A to Oosterdam deck plan pdf with A being the more desired location. Vista oosterdam deck plan pdf start with the letter A or B with A being the more desired type of Verandah caibn. These cabins have been modified for accessibility purposes. Cabin size for 7088, 7093 is 270 1117m3 pdf feet plus balcony.

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